Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Analyze a Political Cartoon Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Analyze a Political Cartoon - Essay Example Ultimately, the power of the cartoon cannot be found within any single component of its message but rather with the entire combination of symbolism, labeling, and exaggeration that it presents. Finally, the analysis will seek to answer the question of whether or not the portrayal of the cartoon is effective in persuading the viewer and/or audience to think or view a situation in a given context or manner. The first aspect of the cartoon that grips the viewer’s attention is the clear use of symbolism and labeling that the cartoonist has employed to denote the Christian, Muslim, and members of the SCAF that are represented. This labeling simplifies the issue and allows the participants within the cartoon to be reduced and simplified to a mere 3 active entities. By utilizing the Christian cross, the Muslim crescent and the insignia and uniforms of the SCAF, the reader is made aware of what each participant within the cartoon represents and symbolizes. ... This level of purity is further symbolized by the fact that the Christian and Muslim man (representing the broader populations of both of these entities within Egypt) are clothed in white. Naturally, exaggeration is also employed in a massively effective means as the SCAF is denoted to be an insidious and corrupting influence that displays the same generic and shameful behavior under the guise of its constitutionally given power. This exaggeration is the strength behind the entire cartoon. Although the Christian and the Muslim occupy center stage within the confines of this political cartoon, it is the corrupting influence of the SCAF that provides the power behind the image that is typified. Yet, rather than making a blanket statement regarding the ultimate goodness or evil that is exhibited by the SCAH, the cartoon seeks to strike at the core of the problems that are exhibited within Egypt; namely a power structure that is able to take advantage of natural and key fault lines that exist within the political spectrum; thereby allowing the members of the government and the SCAH to behave in a manner that they would not do otherwise. In short, the increase in division serves the purposes that they strive to accomplish (Lawate 2). Ultimately, the reader and/or researcher can understand that the given political cartoon is not only effective in communicating an understanding of the present day situation within Egypt and/or the Arab world, it is extraordinarily effective in such a task. Although this is not always the case for a political cartoon, this particular cartoon is one which allows its underlying simplicity and the vocal and omnipresent nature of its participants to speak to its underlying truth. Due to the fact that almost all

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