Sunday, November 24, 2019

John F Kennedy essays

John F Kennedy essays a) John F. Kennedy: raised in a wealthy and political family, whose mother was the daughter of the congressman and mayor, John F. Fitzgerald and gather was an ambassador to Great Britain from 1937-1940. Kennedy enrolled into the navy during WW2, won a seat in congress and won a Pulitzer Prize for Profiles in Courage. He suffered from back pain and Addisons disease, which had to be treated with cortisone everyday. He promises many citizens of the United States a leadership to get America moving again b) Flexible response: President Kennedy really wanted to set his mind and plans on changing the nations nuclear strategy. So. Kennedy didnt want to use the nuclear weapons for a minor problem between the Soviets, Kennedys consultants developed a policy called the flexible response. In the nations view this meant that the nations conventional forces had been mistreated during the building of the nuclear arms. This policy increased the defense spending and produced a branch called the Special Forces. Kennedy hoped to liver the risk of any nuclear war, which almost came close over the island of Cuba. c) Fidel Castro: a revolutionary leader in Cuba, which declares himself as a communist who greeted the Soviet Union with open arms. Castro wanted more power, which in 1956-1959, led to a guerrilla movement to trample down the dictator, Bastista. Many Americans portrayed Castro as a freedom fighter, but as the US and Cubas relationship became troubled. Castro took action by uprooting trade barriers against Cuban sugars. In which instantly, Castro relied on Soviets help for aid and political tyranny. d) Berlin Wall: Kennedys willpower and Americans advantage for nuclear striking power wanted to stop Khrushchev from closing down from the air and land between West Berlin and East Germany, On August 13, 1961, East Germans decided to build a concrete ...

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