Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Assignment 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Assignment 4 - Essay Example Sign in to get into the classroom†. The student enters a login and selects an option from a drop down menu containing a list of subjects. Welcome to the year 2020, where students from all over the world take lessons together thanks to Internet. With new advancements in hypermedia and multimedia systems, students now can take lessons at their chosen time in a virtual classroom. They no longer need a teacher to take them through lessons as they learn independently, at their own pace, with technological assistance. Taking on the role of a trouble-shooter, a teacher steps in only when students encounter difficulties with a particular aspect of study. A learning activity in 2020 could very well be like this: A student clicks open a textbook and learn concepts through a variety of text, visual images and graphics. At the end of the chapter, a voice takes the student through a quick test, which has been designed by the teacher. The test will evaluate the student’s understanding and accordingly mark grades. In case of below-average grades, a link will direct the student to a â€Å"real† teacher who will then explain the concept through video conferencing. Thus a teacher operates behind the scenes and designs strategies instead of being a direct participant in the learning process. In such a scenario, advanced forms of Internet and the virtual reality systems form the dominating aspects in a learning process. The use of hypermedia and multimedia in project assignments will motivate students to study better and faster. Teachers, on the other hand, can keep a track of student’s progress by designing rubrics and other evaluation strategies. In a system where learning is more student-centric and students have the freedom to choose their subjects and pace, an assumption is made here that they are well equipped with the intelligence and the maturity to monitor their studies. This can be a hindrance in case of children with low levels of

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