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Living with Domestic Violence Essay Example

Living with Domestic Violence Essay Example Living with Domestic Violence Essay Living with Domestic Violence Essay Name Surname: Mehmet Tamer Ozdil Instructor’s Name: Nilgun Eker ING 102 CRN 30052 Date: July 19, 2011 Living With Domestic Violence Domestic Violence is an epidemic in societies with dramatic, negative effects on individual, families and communities. It has many different names such as family violence, battering, wife beating, and domestic abuse. All these terms refer to same thing , abuse by marital, common law or dating partner in an intimate relationship. Domestic violence is not limited to physical beating. It is any behaviour that is intended to the use of humiliation, fear nd physical or verbal assault. There are many reasons of domestic violence such as poverty, hardship and unemployement. But whatever the reasons are domestic violence has important effects on children, women and future families. First of all, domestic violence directly affect on children with most important effects. Children who witness regular acts of violence have greater emotional and behavioural pr oblems than the other children. Even very young children can be completely frightened and affected. Some of the current effects may include nightmares, anxiety, withdrawal and bedwetting. According to Clara Harlow’s studies (in the article â€Å"This Day Forward† , 2000) boys who live with family violence have extremely dangerous attitude such as aggressive and disruptive. The same studies indicate that girls exposed to family violence aim to withdraw and girls not exposed have more active behaviour than the others (2000). Secondly, family violence has many negative effects on women. One of these effects is psychological. Battered women experience increased levels of deppression, lower self-esteem and higher levels of psychological distress when compared with nonbattered women. The most severe effects of deppression is suicide attempts. As Flitcroft and Stark stated. Twenty- six percent of women taken hospitals because of suicide attempts had appareantly been ill- treated (1999). The women who are beaten by their partners have also social and physical problems such as loss of opportunity, isolation from society especially family friends, loss of income or work and it has long term impact on financial security and career. They may have poor health and physical injury. If they are pregnant, they may miscarry or the baby may be stillborn. As a result of this problems, women probably became drug or alcohol addicts. Finally, the continuity of violence at home makes domestic violence a part of future families. In a family , children typically follow their parents because they want to learn what life is and when they became adult, they usually behave in the same way their parents did. Children growing up seeing violence, have a great risk of troubled relationships in the years ahead. The possibility of experiencing violence and abuse in relationships which will be established in the future is higher than the children not exposed to family violence. Researches show that many of fathers in families which fell apart had domestic violence when they are child. It can be understood from this statical, domestic violence repeatedly happen in future families. In conclusion, domestic violence may be the biggest problem in today’s world. Economic conditions and unemployement are two of the reasons of domestic violence, but it has many negative effects which is more important then the reasons on children , women and future families. Violence cannot be stopped completely but it is possible to decrease the rate of domestic violence in many ways. People should be educated about family violence. This can be most effectiveby educating young people to help them understand that violence is never an acceptable behaviour. Communities should be encouraged to establish centers for domestic violence and there must be some entertainments, musics and jokes that might trivialize domestic violence. Original Sentences *studies indicae that boys exposed to family violence tend to be overly aggressive and disruptive. *studies shows that girls who are exposed to family violence tend to withdraw and behave more passively than girls not exposed to violence

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